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Is Parking for the Common Good?

Letter To The Coast Magazine by Peggy Cameron, Coordinator, Friends of the Halifax Common

Why should parking be convenient? Get on board, support commuter rail at: halifax.ca/transit/commuterrail.php      The Coast Image credit: Jenn Wall, Cunard Street at North Common

Great job describing myriad reasons why metro pedestrians feel they’re the last on the list. I suspect it’s not the sidewalks that have patience maxed out but also the long-term failure of the city to develop an integrated transportation policy. Decades of widening streets to improve capacity and speed of vehicles (more recently it’s a roundabout fetish) has been to the detriment of meeting real transportation Continue reading

Letter to Herald- Will Halifax City Council See The Wisdom of Daylighting River?

Example of a landscaped raingarden to absorb stormwater and create habitat.

Example of a landscaped raingarden to absorb stormwater and create habitat.

Paul Schneiderheit’s story highlights the benefits of daylighting streams. Jan 6, 2015- Chronicle Herald – Schneiderheit One omission is that HRM’s 2006 daylighting policy specifies two water courses: Dartmouth’s Sawmill River and the Halifax Common’s Freshwater Brook.

We’re generally unaware that the Halifax Common as the watershed for the peninsula was a rich and diverse ecosystem of plants, trees, birds, fish, frogs-all manner of critters and beasties.  Ruth Whitehead Holmes’ The’ Old Man Told Us, Excerpts from Micmac History, 1500-1950 “ recounts histories of Mi’kmaq hunting beaver, Black Duck and moose near Black Duck Pond, later Egg Pond and now the skatepark. Continue reading

Interview ~ Invasive Species Phylum Paveia, News 95.7 – Rick Howe Show

Phylum Paveia, Lapilus civitis

Phylum Paveia, Lapilus civitis


Listen and learn about the invasive Phylum Paveia, responsible for the creeping disappearance of green space on the Halifax Common…


Parking on the Halifax Common

Entrance to Temporary Garages on North Common at North ParkParking on the Halifax Common is illegal and signs are posted.  At a fundraiser held on Saturday June 7th up to 100 vehicles were parked on the North Common and at the Pavilion on the Central Common. Why didn’t  HRM staff on duty have the parking ban enforced?  Was it because they didn’t know, because permission was given or because they chose to ignore it?  Parking on the Common isn’t a new problem but it is getting worse.

Parks Canada Paves Garrison Grounds

Work has begun by Parks Canada to pave the parking lots on the Garrison Grounds in anticipation of meeting more demand for parking and having more concerts.
Choosing to asphalt the Garrison Ground parking lots is really a vote against heritage, the environment, the health benefits of public open space and a vote for the car.  As with widening roads, increasing parking capacity is short sighted. All it really does is create more demand.

People come from all around the world to visit Citadel Hill, a designated national heritage site-they don’t come to see new parking lots freshly asphalted. FHC had a meeting with Parks Canada officials about the decision to pave the Garrison Grounds.  We were left with the impression that they had not done enough homework before making their decision.

Some examples: There was … Continue reading