About Us

Friends of the Halifax Common is a non-profit community group founded in 2006 by Peggy Cameron and Beverly Miller, long-standing Halifax residents involved in the community.

Did you know that the Halifax Common is a fraction of the size it was at the turn of the century? The lack of appreciation of the need for green space allowed the land to be been assigned other uses over the years including hospitals, schools and other public and private institutions.

It’s time to halt, or even reverse, that trend.

Preserving and expanding open space as the population grows is essential.  It is estimated that 15-20 000 additional people will live on the Halifax Peninsula by 2030.  The Common, at the heart of the Peninsula, can continue to provide vital “breathing space” for present and future residents and for those who work and visit here.

Halifax Regional Municipal Council must be reminded from time to time of the importance of keeping its obligation to The Common as required by the 1994 Common Plan.

Residents of Halifax are invited to join the FHC.

Please attend our next meeting to get information on how you can participate in protecting Halifax greenspace.


Helping Protect What's Left

Peggy Cameron and Beverly Miller speaking at City Council.