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100 in 1 Day Halifax – June 6/7, 2015

50 perimeter flags and 4 corner gardens where to mark when we enter or leave the Halifax Common. This SW corner is at Robie & South Streets.

The SW corner of South & Robie has 1 of 50 perimeter flags & 4 corner gardens to mark when we enter or leave the Halifax Common.

For FHC 100 in 1 Day  is the perfect way to Celebrate the Common. To remind Haligonians of the Halifax Common’s real size the Friends have marked the perimeter by hanging approximately fifty small flags silk-screened with “Halifax Common” and an outline of its shape.  And as well the group has marked the four corners of the Halifax Common by planting small garden boxes and installing painted signs.

“The flags around the perimeter and four common corner gardens at South/Robie, South/South Park, Cunard/Robie, and Cunard/North Park are to help remind us when we are entering or leaving the 240 acre Halifax Common,” said participant Jyelle Vogel. “Everyone will be surprized at how large our Halifax Common is,” said Vogel.

“Halifax isn’t just giving away the common green space, its now privatizing the blue space on and around the perimeter by permitting developers to build out of scale high-rises so they can sell the luxury view to their paying clients,”  says Peggy Cameron, Friends of Halifax Common, Co-chair. “This changes the experience of being on the Halifax Common by blocking the view, the access to light and Continue reading