Cancel the Proposed WSP 23-storey high-rise

The Westwood high-rise tower at 2032-2050 Robie Street has already been turned down by HRM Mayor and Council. Height for this location was to be restricted to 6-storeys. The Development Agreement is discretionary-Mayor and Council should cancel the project.

Dear HRM Planners, Mayor and Council
Re: Cancel the Proposed WSP high-rise- Case 22927

The proposed Westwood high-rise tower at 2032-2050 Robie Street has already been turned down by HRM Mayor and Council. Height for this location was to be restricted to 6-storeys. Council’s decision to allow a Development Agreement is discretionary and should be cancelled. It is effectively raising the dead. This Development Agreement not only denies the earlier council decision and staff recommendations to limit the height to 6 storeys, it makes a mockery of public participation by voiding the historic and more recent input of citizens. 

Values reflected by statements such as Councillor Smith’s June 2019 motion “In recognition of the substantial investment made in the preparation of a planning applications for the site located at 2032- 2050 Robie Street, Halifax” beg the question whose interest are Mayor, Council and staff representing?  The owner’s investment of money in thinking about what to do with their land is not a legitimate basis for approving a project.

Are residents of the area being given recognition for their substantial investment in their homes, livelihoods, neighbourhoods, community services and time to participate in HRM planning consultations and processes? Continue reading

Rick Howe-Cancel the Parking Garage-There are better solutions.

The fourth version of the 500-stall, 8-storey parking garage planned for the north side of the NS Museum of Natural History is flipped in orientation requiring a larger easement from HRM and chewing up more of the Halifax Common.

Rick Howe interviews FHC’s Peggy Cameron about the group’s letter to Premier McNeil asking that he cancel the plans for parking garages on the Halifax Common. There are other, better solutions.

Letter to Premier – Cancel the Parking Garage

Outgoing Premier McNeil

December 17, 2020
Dear Premier McNeil, 

As you leave your role as Premier, we write to ask that you reconsider the decision to build a $30 million dollar, 8-storey, 500-stall parking garage on one of the last remaining public open green spaces on the Halifax Common. Approximately 20% of the Common is used as parking, almost all for provincial health care facilities.
The 1000-stall parking garage planned for the former CBC building site will certainly provide enough parking for years – build it first and the parkade on the Museum of Natural History grounds becomes unnecessary. The decision for the Museum property parking garage taken by Minister Lloyd Hines, requires careful second sober thought.

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News 95.7-Rick Howe: Freshwater Brook vs Parking Garages

Construction work for a controversial parking garage by the NS Museum of Natural History exposed an ancient pipe where Freshwater Brook flows. Rick Howe interviews Peggy Cameron who sees this as a perfect opportunity for a re-think on the controversial $30 million, 8-storey, 500-stall parking garage planned for one of the few public, open green spaces left on the Halifax Common.

Cyclist sees “Restore Freshwater Brook” as a better new reality.


Chronicle Herald: Restore historic Freshwater Brook in Halifax to natural state

The brook, initially called a river, ran from what is now near the corner of St. Albans Street and Clifton Street in north-end Halifax, across the peninsula, through the Halifax Public Gardens, Victoria Park, past Fenwick towers and the Sobeys parking lot on Queen Street to the confluence of Barrington and Inglis streets. Continue reading

From Now – Oct 17 Elect HRM Representatives Who are Friends of the Common

From now until October 17 you as a citizen of HRM can vote to elect a Mayor and Council. Confronted with the climate crisis, COVID crisis, housing crisis, transportation crisis and social equity crisis we know we need a different kind of government; one that represents and governs for the common good— one that will help keep us from the tipping point. To aid you in your choice FHC sent a 6-question survey to the electoral candidates. Thematically the questions relate to measuring the candidates’ level of support for:

  • Legislative protection of the Halifax Common;
  • Reversing proposals for four 16, 26, 28, 29-storey towers + 800 underground parking spots on the South Common at Carlton, College, Robie, Spring Garden Road;
  • Increasing green space and connectivity on the Halifax Peninsula and in HRM;
  • Increasing access for amateur players on the effectively privatized Wanderer’s Grounds;
  • Opposing the Province’s plans for an 8-storey 500 stall parking garage (NS Museum) and a 1000-stall parking garage (former CBC-TV site) on the Central Common;
  • the 1994 Halifax Common Master Plan especially as it relates to the new Halifax Common Master Plan 

One-third of all candidates responded, BUT NO RESPONSE was received from: Mayor Savage, Steve Stretch (District 1) Sam Austin (District 5), Tony Mancini (District 6), Lindell Smith (District 8), Richard Zurawski (District 12), Lisa Blackburn (District 14), Paul Russell (District 15) and Tim Outhit (District 16). Could disinterest of these elected officials be the reason that the best interests of the Common are so ignored?

Based on the responses FHC did receive we decided in certain cases to endorse candidates. Please read the linked responses and consider carefully. Then PLEASE vote! And remind 10 friends to-its time to engage!
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